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Indian folk dances , [1] which typically consist of a few simple steps, are performed throughout the world to celebrate a new season, childbirth, weddings, festivals, and other social occasions.

Sangeet Natak Akademi defined eight classical dance forms from the core of Indian classical arts in India, which include. Note: Chhau dance are of three types and are practised in three different regions in India.

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India is a land known for its rich culture of dance and music. What makes the Indian culture so unique is the diversities in all the spheres. The folk and classical dances of India have originated years ago and are one of the admired identities of our culture. In India, the traditional dance forms can be classified into 2: Classical and Folk dance. These dance forms have originated from different parts of India in ancient times. They are graceful dance performed to express joy during festivals, weddings and other auspicious occasions.

Though the identity of the originators has been neglected, the style is protected till date. All folk and classical dances have a specific rhythm and costume. Classical dance has a strong relationship with the Natya Shastra. Here, the specific features of each dance form have been mentioned. Folk dance has emerged from the local tradition of the respective state, geographic regions of the ethnicity of the state.

There are 8 classical dances in India. On the other hand, each state has its own folk dance. In this article, we will cover the classical and folk dances of India with details. If you are preparing for any exams like IAS, having knowledge about these various Indian dance forms can help you with the art and culture syllabus.

Classical dance form in India originated from the Natya Shastra. There are 8 classical dances originally. The Cultural Ministry of India included Chhau to the list to make it 9 classical dance forms. These then have three components:. All these classical dance forms express various emotions. They tell a story through the dance. The 8 basic expressions that are expressed in these classical dance forms along with what they are called are given below:.

The classical dance forms are given below with a brief for you to understand the beauty and culture behind it. Go through them and strengthen your general knowledge. Bharatanatyam is regarded as the oldest form of dance and mother of all other styles of traditional dances in India. The classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam started from the art of temple dancers in the land of Tamil Nadu.

Bharatanatyam is a reworked form of dance from the traditional sadir and combination of expression, music, beat and dance. It is known to be Ekaharya, where a single danger takes on many roles in one performance. Bharatanatyam, also called as the fire dance is one of the most popular styles of dance performed by both female and male dancers.

Kathak was introduced in Uttar Pradesh. The word Kathak is derived from the word Katha which means story. This dance form tells a story through its performance. It was originally a dance performed by temple dancers or villagers to narrate stories from ancient scripts.

During a solo performance, the dancer pauses to recite the verses and then execute it through the dance. This dance form focuses more on the footwork and is performed by dancers wearing ghungroos ankle bells.

Kathakali originated in Kerala. It is directly influenced by Chakiarkoothu, Koodiyattam, Krishnattam, Ramanathan. These are the ritual performing acts of Kerala. Kathakali is a beautiful blend of dance, music and acting. Most of the stories are adapted from Indian epics. The dancers enact the roles of kings, demons and Gods. They put on heavy makeup and costumes include elaborate face masks, big headdresses and huge skirts.

The focus is on hand gestures, eye movements and facial expressions. Different facial colours are used to indicate different mental stages and characters. This Classical dance form originated in Andhra Pradesh and got its name from the Kuchipudi district near the Bay of Bengal. Before the 17th century, the dance form was known under the generic name of Yakshagaana. Kuchipudi is performed as a dance drama. It has both solo performances as well as group performances. Heavy ornaments, jewellery and costume are used.

The dancers are first introduced before the start of the performance. Mohiniyattam is a solo dance form of Kerala. It is A. It is mostly performed by females following circular movements, subtle expressions and delicate footsteps.

But Mohiniyattam is more lyrical, delicate and sensual. The costumes are simple and make-up realistic. Odissi is a soft dance form to soothing lyrics. The mudras and expressions are similar to those of Bharatnatyam. The dance form incorporates two major postures: Tribhanga Body deflected at neck, torso and knees and Chowk Body imitating a square. It is the oldest surviving face forms in India. There is an independent movement of head, chest and pelvis. Sattriya dance form was introduced in the 15th century.

The classical dance form is administered by strict principles in respect of aharyas, hasta mudras, footwork, music, etc.

This dance form is appreciated and performed widely even outside the state. It has evolved and expanded as a distinctive style of dance after its origin. Because of its association with the Sattras Monastries or Vaishnava Maths , this style is called Sattriya. The dance form is associated with rituals and traditional festivals.

They are legendary references to the dances of Shiva, Parvati and other Gods and Goddesses who created the universe. Manipuri is the art of showcasing the merrymaking of Gods. And is performed as a ceremonial offering of dance and song.

Priest and priestesses re-enact the theme of the creation of the universe. It has delicate body moves and the dancers do not wear ankle bells or ghungroos. Folk dances are performed on the occasions that are considered happy and auspicious. These dances are full of energy. Some forms are performed by the males and females separately and some are performed by them together. Each state has one or more folk dance associated with it. They have a specific costume, extensive jewellery, etc. They all hold great importance in the history of Indian art and culture.

The table below mentions all the folk dances of India state wise. The entire list of folk dances in India has been given below. The above is a list of the important folk dances of India. The traditional dances of India have now combined and formed new art with contemporary style. Dancers now perform semi-classical, bolly-classical and contemporary with folk. With all this said and done, dancers must always uphold the dignity and purity of the original dance forms.

They are to be respected and performed following the principles laid down even if mixed with other forms of dances. If you are preparing for competitive exams or just want to brush up on your knowledge about the folk and classical dances in India, you can download the pdf from below. It is free to download and can be down with just one click. Share the PDF with friends so that can also prepare or brush up on their general knowledge. Bookmark this page and come back later for reference.

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Classical and folk dances of India list and PDF

India is land of varied traditional and cultural. Diversity in all sphere make the India quite unique. More you explore, more you will realise although they all tell the same story. NRITT — pure dance — movement of body do not express any mood and do not convey any meaning. Bharatanatyam is poetry in motion, a solo dance originating in temples of south India.

Kuchipudi (Andhra Pradesh).

List of Folk & Classical Dances of India – State Wise Collections | Download PDF

India is a land known for its rich culture of dance and music. What makes the Indian culture so unique is the diversities in all the spheres. The folk and classical dances of India have originated years ago and are one of the admired identities of our culture. In India, the traditional dance forms can be classified into 2: Classical and Folk dance. These dance forms have originated from different parts of India in ancient times.

India has many dances, which come from every state of the country, however, there are only six forms of classical dance recognized by the country at the national level. Indian folk dance is much more than just the movement of the body, from ancient times the classical dance form of India is considered to be a series and a way to dedicate oneself to God through art. Let us tell you the traditional story of a rich tradition through the dance culture of India List of Indian Folk and Classical Dances helps to your all competitive exam so read the post carefully and download pdf here on free. Bharatnatyam Tamil Nadu, South India. Bharatnatyam, performed in the heavenly voice of Carnatic music, comes from the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

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Different Dance forms of India with States PDF

Folk Dances are performed on various occasions like festivals, weddings, the arrival of the season, etc. These dances are full of energy and vitality. Some are performed by men and women separately while in others they perform together.

List of Indian Folk and Classical Dances PDF 2020

India is a land of festivals with varied cultures and traditions. The thing which makes Indian Culture quite unique is Diversities in all Spheres. Folk Dances of India showcases the cultural diversities and traditions which have evolved over the years.

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List of dances in india

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List of Indian folk dances

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Kathak (Uttar Pradesh).

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Kathakali (Kerala).