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Difference Between Linker And Loader Pdf

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In computing , a linker or link editor is a computer system program that takes one or more object files generated by a compiler or an assembler and combines them into a single executable file, library file, or another "object" file. A simpler version that writes its output directly to memory is called the loader , though loading is typically considered a separate process.

A linker is a computer program that takes one or more objects generated by a compiler or an assembler and combines them into a single executable program. Computer programs are usually made up of multiple modules that can separate object files, each being a compiled computer program. The program as a whole refers to these separately compiled files using symbols. The linker combines these separate files into a single, unified program, resolving the symbolic references as it goes along.

Compiler Design - Overview

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Assemblers, Disassemblers, Linkers, and Loaders

Linker and Loader are the utility programs that plays a major role in the execution of a program. The Source code of a program passes through compiler, assembler, linker, loader in the respective order, before execution. On the one hand, where the linker intakes the object codes generated by the assembler and combine them to generate the executable module. On the other hands, the loader loads this executable module to the main memory for execution. Let us discuss the difference between Linker and loader with the help of a comparison chart.

In execution of the program, major role is played by two utility programs known as Linker and Loader. In the object file, linker searches and append all libraries needed for execution of file. It regulates memory space that code from each module will hold. It also merges two or more separate object programs and establishes link among them. Generally, linkers are of two types :. Loader : The loader is special program that takes input of object code from linker, loads it to main memory, and prepares this code for execution by computer. Loader allocates memory space to program.

Difference between Linker and Loader. Difficulty Level: Basic; Last Updated: 13 Aug, In execution of the program, major role is played by two utility.

Linker (computing)

Computers are a balanced mix of software and hardware. Hardware is just a piece of mechanical device and its functions are being controlled by a compatible software. Hardware understands instructions in the form of electronic charge, which is the counterpart of binary language in software programming. Binary language has only two alphabets, 0 and 1. To instruct, the hardware codes must be written in binary format, which is simply a series of 1s and 0s.

A computer program is used to give instructions to the computer. It is written using a specific programming language. Programming languages such as C, Java are high level programming language s and they are understandable by humans but not by the computer. Therefore, a high level program is converted into machine language using a language translator. A program written using a high level language is a source code.

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Difference Between Linker and Loader


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The difference between linker and loader is that linker generates an executable module of a source program whereas loader loads the executable module to the main memory.

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Computers are a balanced mix of software and hardware.