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Online shopping is mainstream. Trust in online shopping is not an issue anymore. The issue is getting your visitors to shop on your website over a competitor's.

Many times, having a conversation with an eCommerce professional leaves you scrambling for a dictionary! Businesses new to eCommerce, whether you are a seller, buyer or enabler, should be well-versed in the eCommerce jargon that gets passed around in everyday discussions.

130 eCommerce Terms Every Store Owner Should Know in 2020 [Glossary]

In the age of technology, business models and sales tactics are ever-changing. The internet is no exception to this! Selling trends that emerge today might be best practice tomorrow. If you are looking to break into the digital realm of eCommerce , these are a few terms to get accustomed with to give you a solid starting point. The process of buying and selling online or electronically. This term may refer to online retail as a whole, or more specifically the transaction type.

This is a 3-party marketing process when a publisher and an advertiser join forces to market to the consumer. This is the role of the publisher.

They use any form of banners, ads or links and creatively market the product or service to the user, or in this case the consumer. The advertiser is the party with the product. They pay the publisher, which is often a marketing firm, a fee or an arranged commission from everything sold.

A business that has a physical store that customers can go to rather than just having an online presence. The process of selling services or products to another business, which typically then sells to the consumer. Typically a slogan or phrase, this is the action you are persuading the user to take. Sometimes it can be "shop now, buy today, get a quote," or typically anything that leaves the audience with something to do.

The call-to-action is often the instruction on what to do next, such as placing an order or inquiring further. Arguably one of the most crucial part of eCommerce. The conversion is the process of transforming or "converting" the user to a customer.

This is not always a financial transaction. Often, the conversion takes place when a visiting user requests a quote, fills out a contact form, or places an order. It can be revenue driven, but not necessarily. The conversion depends solely on what your organization has decided to track.

The conversion funnel often referred to as a "sales funnel," is the path the visitor takes until the end conversion. It is called a funnel, because there is a larger surface area for users to enter the conversion funnel meaning there are multiple entrance points but it still takes users to the same end point or conversion. The number of visitors who transformed into paying customers divided by the total number of visits to the page overall.

These are text files sent to a user's browser related to how the customer interacts with the website. Often users will get a pop-up that requests that the user "shares cookies. The Monday after Black Friday. Historically, this day has more deals and discounts than any other day of the year. Some claim in the last few years that Cyber Monday has exceeded Black Friday in overall sales.

The main page or main URL for a website. This is often the "homepage" or root portion of the web address. One of the most popular eCommerce sites that allow sales to occur between consumers in an auction format. In this particular site, one consumer takes on the role of "seller," and the other user is the "buyer. Engaging your audience with products and services promoted through email.

These email lists usually consist of users that have signed up or expressed an interest in the site or organization. Search engine optimization SEO services with strategies focused on eCommerce businesses. Typically a strong strategy targeting product pages, category pages, and other content within the online store. Also commonly referred to as the "payment gateway," this is the platform that processes payments for online purchases.

This term also applies to regular brick and mortar stores that process credit card payments. The gateway processes the transfer of data from the user's bank to the website for the transaction to occur. The leading provider of search engines, Google uses an algorithm that gathers search results for keywords that users type into the search field and organizes them based on the best possible matches.

Google also provides businesses with products and services such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords which are digital marketing tools that are used to expose the visibility of a product or service.

An advertising service that allows business to set a budget and then runs the promotions that you have written. Ads are typically composed of SEO keywords.

One of the most widespread analytics service on the internet. Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic into graphs and charts for easy access to traffic trends over designated periods of time.

Trending words or phrases based on what users are searching for within Google. Keywords are often tracked and used throughout ads and other marketing tactics. Also commonly referred to as "the code" of a website, HTML is a language that structures a web page or application.

HTML can adjust syntax, font, layout, images or links throughout the page. HTML can also be manipulated by the user to manipulate the page function to behave a specific way or to change the overall look.

The page that displays after clicking on a link. Typically, this page is the response to the "call-to-action. Often times Google Analytics tracks landing pages for conversion rate purposes.

It is the "end" of the conversion funnel. A metric is a measurement, when dealing with SEO and analytics, that evaluate items such as revenue, keyword rankings, website traffic or referrals. The way users find a website through a search engine query. The results populate based on relevance to the search query. Google or other search engines arranges results based on page rankings, so higher-ranked pages appear closer to the top.

Users that have found sites this way are said to have found it "organically. Measures where a page is ranking with Google or another search engine.

Higher ranked pages are closer to the number one spot. Pay-per-click marketing is a form of "buying" site visits to increase traffic. Essentially advertisers pay for ad placement. A common form of PPC marketing is through search engines or search engine optimization.

It is vital to select keywords that are ranking well to obtain a larger search volume and get more users to click on the ad. Search Engine Optimization is the process of enhancing websites to increase the visibility of the site and gain rankings.

SEO is a form of digital marketing that uses Google and other search engines to bring users to a website by organic listings. The page that lists all the results from a search query within a search engine. Search engines list relevant terms by analyzing the query and the site to provide the best match.

An eCommerce shopping cart is the contents of what a user has added to his online order. All the products appear as a mass order on the page or in this case "in the cart. The fluctuation of traffic or a specific period. Trends can be based on many factors such as season, time of day, or relevancy of product based on fads.

Offering deals on similar products or showing related products in hopes to get users to buy additional items along with their purchase. For more than 14 years we've been an award winning design, development and web marketing agency. Talk with us and see how we can help your business. Affiliate Marketing This is a 3-party marketing process when a publisher and an advertiser join forces to market to the consumer. Brick and Mortar A business that has a physical store that customers can go to rather than just having an online presence.

Business to Business B2B The process of selling services or products to another business, which typically then sells to the consumer. Business to Consumer B2C The process of selling services or products directly from the business to the consumer. Call-to-Action Typically a slogan or phrase, this is the action you are persuading the user to take. We'll review the following: Outranking your competitors Beating major players such as Amazon How to use search intent Building highly profitable paid search campaigns and much more!

eCommerce Lingo - A Glossary of Electronic Commerce Terminology

Every business and industry has its language. Ecommerce and digital retail are no different. But in the world of startups or small business, you might be wearing many hats: owner, IT chief, and marketer, to name just one possible combination. Plus, these terms are critical in understanding how the business is thriving and where you might need to do more or less to woo, convert, and keep customers. More than likely, you will rarely use these terms in outward communications or direct marketing efforts, but they are essential for you to help plan, activate, and succeed with your marketing campaigns and ongoing customer engagement tactics. A way to let search engines and site visitors know that a webpage moved to a new address.

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Savvy entrepreneurs diving into the ecommerce world have a lot to learn about this industry. Ecommerce, or electronic commerce, refers to transactions conducted via the internet. The term ecommerce also encompasses other activities including online auctions, internet banking, payment gateways, and online ticketing. The first ecommerce transaction was made in Because it was the first time that encryption technology was used to enable an internet purchase. Needless to say, ecommerce has grown by leaps and bounds ever since.

1. Ecommerce terminology Definitions of e-commerce: is simply the buying and selling of goods,services or information via the World Wide Web.

Adoption Of eCommerce Terminology

For beginners, competing in the ecommerce space seems like a fairly simple concept. Create or find a product that customers value, provide this product using an ecommerce platform, and finally sit back and watch the money pile up. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Many retailers are deterred from moving to the online marketplace because of the seemingly complex terminology and language used. Many of the terms take on different meanings than their original intention, which can cause a great deal of confusion.

Adoption Of eCommerce Terminology

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Ecommerce Glossary and Resources

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In the age of technology, business models and sales tactics are ever-changing.

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