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By David Craig.

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Introduction: Have you ever thought someone was telling you a lie? Your intuition was probably righton average people tell two to three lies in a ten-minute conversation. But we can detect these lies only about half of the timeno better than a coin toss. Learning how to decode and interpret nonverbal behavior such as facial expressions, gestures, physical movements and vocal tone is an integral part of communication. By using the latest scientific techniques summarized in this book, you will no longer doubt yourself or wonder helplessly if the person you are with is trying to deceive you. Research has shown you can significantly improve your lie spotting and people reading ability by learning how to read nonverbal behavior. All of the tips, cues and clues in this book are based on academic research.

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Human Lie Detection and Body Language 101 Vanessa Edwards

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Reviews This publication will never be effortless to get started on reading through but very fun to read.

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