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Relationship Between Total Utility And Marginal Utility Pdf

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The concept of utility is central to the economic analysis of behaviour of individual.

Consumer The one who takes decisions about what to buy for the satisfaction of wants, both as an individual or as a member of a household, is called a consumer. Cardinal Measurement of Utility It is that concept of utility which advocates that utility can be measured in terms of units like 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. Ordinal Measurement of Utility According to this utility cannot be measured in numerical units, a consumer can at best rank his preferences in the sets of most preferred to least preferred sets.

Theory Of Consumer Behaviour

The concept of utility is central to the economic analysis of behaviour of individual. It is usually defined as the satisfaction that individual gain from consuming products. The utility may be defined as the power of commodity or services which satisfy the human wants.

In economics the goods whether they are useful or not posses utility which can satisfy human wants. Cardinal utility is also called traditional approach of utility analysis. According to this approach, utility can be measured in numbers. It means level of satisfaction of a consumer can be assigned in numbers. Law of satisfication of a consumer can be assigned in numbers. Assumption of Cardinal Unity. Total utility which a consumer obtains by consuming all units of a commodity in certain time period is known as total utility.

If a consumer consumes n units of commodity, total utility can be expressed as :. Un n are the marginal utilities derived from 1 st unit, 2 nd unit, The utility which a consumer obtains by the consuming extra units of the commodity is known as marginal utility.

In other words, marginal utility is change in total utility due to change in total utility due to change in unit of consumption of the commodity. The satisfaction joined by the consumer from per unit commodity consumed is called average utility.

It is also defined as total utility divided by units of the commodity consumed. In the above figure, units of consumption and utility are measured along the X-axis and Y-axis respectively. For each combination of units of consumption and marginal utility, we plot a point on the graph.

Joining these points, we obtain a MU curve indicating marginal utility curve. It slopes downward from left to right which indicating that MU declines as a consumer consume more and more units of the same commodity. Similarly, for each combination of units of consumption and total utility we plot a point on the graph. Joining these points, we obtain a TU curve indicating total utility curve. Initially, it increases at a diminishing rate then reaches its maximum and then starts declining.

Adhikari, D. Economics II. Kathmandu: Asmita. Karna, Dr. Kathmandu: Jupiter Publisher and Distributors Pvt. Ltd, Khanal, Dr. Rajesh Keshar, et al. Kathmandu: Januka Publication Pvt. Find Your Query. Syllabus Part A : Microeconomics. Overview The concept of utility is central to the economic analysis of behaviour of individual.

Note Things to remember. Concept of Cardinal Utility: Cardinal utility is also called traditional approach of utility analysis. Hence, the satisfication which is derived from the consumption of an extra unit of a commodity declines.

An increase or decrease in income of the consumer doesn't change the marginal utility of money. There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society. It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.

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7.1 The Concept of Utility

Marginal utility , in economics , the additional satisfaction or benefit utility that a consumer derives from buying an additional unit of a commodity or service. The concept implies that the utility or benefit to a consumer of an additional unit of a product is inversely related to the number of units of that product he already owns. Marginal utility can be illustrated by the following example. The marginal utility of one slice of bread offered to a family that has only seven slices will be great, since the family will be that much less hungry and the difference between seven and eight is proportionally significant. Thus, the marginal utility to a buyer of a product decreases as he purchases more and more of that product, until the point is reached at which he has no need at all of additional units.

Why do you buy the goods and services you do? It must be because they provide you with satisfaction—you feel better off because you have purchased them. Economists call this satisfaction utility. The concept of utility is an elusive one. A person who consumes a good such as peaches gains utility from eating the peaches. There is no scale we can use to determine the quantity of utility a peach generates. Francis Edgeworth, one of the most important contributors to the theory of consumer behavior, imagined a device he called a hedonimeter after hedonism, the pursuit of pleasure :.

The main difference between total and marginal utility is that total utility refers to the total satisfaction received by the consumer from consuming different units of a commodity while the marginal utility , connotes the additional utility derived from the consumption of the extra unit of a commodity. The consumer demand for a product is based on the utility derived from it. From product point of view, utility refers to the power of a commodity to satisfy consumer wants. Two quantitative concepts related to the utility are total utility and marginal utility. Basis for Comparison Total Utility Marginal Utility Meaning Total Utility means total benefit obtained by a person from consumption of goods and services. Marginal Utility means the amount of utility a person gains from the consumption of each successive unit of a commodity.

Total utility is the sum of all utilities derived by a consumer form all units of commodity consumed by him. Whereas Marginal utility is the addition to the total utility.

Explain the relationship between Total utility and Marginal utility. - Economics

You can gain insight into the answers to these questions by understanding marginal utility, especially the marginal utility of money. Utility is the satisfaction a person derives from the consumption of a good or service. Total utility is the total satisfaction received from consuming a given total quantity of a good or service, while marginal utility is the satisfaction gained from consuming an additional quantity of that item. Sometimes, economists like to subdivide utility into individual units that they call utils. However, because utility is subjective, meaning that it differs from person to person, and because it varies continuously, depending on the quantity consumed, an util cannot actually be measured, but is simply a heuristic device that allows economists to talk about the degree of satisfaction for a product or service.

In this article we will discuss about the relationship between Total Utility and Marginal Utility. Every commodity possesses utility for the consumer. When the consumer buys apples he receives them in units, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. To begin with, 2 apples have more utility than 1; 3 more utility than 2, and 4 more than 3. The units of apples which the consumer chooses are in a descending order of their utilities.

Answer the following question. Explain the relationship between Total utility and Marginal utility. Discuss the relationship between total utility and marginal utility, using a hypothetical schedule.

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Content: Total Utility Vs Marginal Utility

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Important Questions for Class 12 Economics Utility,Total Utility , Marginal Utility and its Law

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Difference Between Total and Marginal Utility

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Marginal utility is the addition made to total utility by having an additional unit of the commodity. So long as total utility is increasing, marginal utility is decreasing up to the 4th unit. When total utility is maximum at the 5th unit, marginal utility is zero. It is the point of satiety for the consumer.