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The human shoulder is made up of three bones: the clavicle collarbone , the scapula shoulder blade , and the humerus upper arm bone as well as associated muscles, ligaments and tendons. The articulations between the bones of the shoulder make up the shoulder joints. The shoulder joint , also known as the glenohumeral joint, is the major joint of the shoulder, but can more broadly include the acromioclavicular joint. In human anatomy , the shoulder joint comprises the part of the body where the humerus attaches to the scapula , and the head sits in the glenoid cavity. The shoulder joint is the main joint of the shoulder. It is a ball and socket joint that allows the arm to rotate in a circular fashion or to hinge out and up away from the body.

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However, it is made up of many different parts whose functions are dependent on one another. Learn about all the human anatomy organs as well as the major functions and significance of each of the human body systems and the role they play in. Citation Walker J Skeletal system 1: the anatomy and physiology of bones. Explore over anatomic structures and more than translated medical labels. Connective tissue: dense, rich in blood and nerve supply.

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The surface features of bones vary considerably, depending on the function and location in the body. Table 7. There are three general classes of bone markings: 1 articulations, 2 projections, and 3 holes.

At rest, it lies at the level of the base of the mandible in the front and the third cervical vertebra C3 behind. Unlike other bones, the hyoid is only distantly articulated to other bones by muscles or ligaments.

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Skeletal System Worksheet Find skeletal system stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Skeletal System 1. The interrelationship of structure and function of each body system will be presented in two semesters. If you need to review the human skeleton for an upcoming test or quiz this page provides several free human skeleton diagrams to help you study.

Underneath our skin are lots of things that make up our body. Two of these are bones and muscles. Bones shape our body and help us to stand up straight. Muscles are attached to bones; they help us walk and run and smile. All the bones in our body make up our skeleton — from the top of our skull to the tips of the phalanges at the end of our toes. Muscles stretch across our bones and are attached with tendons. The skeleton acts like a shield for our vital organs, such as our brain and heart.

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The human body consists of many muscles. The free respiratory system labeling sheet includes a blank diagram to fill in the trachea, bronchi, lungs, and larynx. Muscle Contraction Internet Activity Answer Key Peatix For the following steps of muscle contraction and relaxation decide which order they belong in then rewrite them in the correct order. Skeletal Key Choices A. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Skeletal system worksheet pdf luxury skeleton label worksheet with answer key human anatomy and physiology edition chapter 4 export cli the physiology coloring book 27 the physiology coloring book leg anatomy drawing at getdrawings.

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Bone tissue osseous tissue differs greatly from other tissues in the body. Bone is hard and many of its functions depend on that characteristic hardness.

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The Anatomy of sea turtles. Notes Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references p. General Note: "December Statement of Responsibility: by Jeanette Wyneken. Record Information Source Institution: University of Florida Rights Management: All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.

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By the end of this section, you will be able to identify the following muscles and give their origins, insertions, actions and innervations:.