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Surface free energy or interfacial free energy or surface energy quantifies the disruption of intermolecular bonds that occurs when a surface is created. In the physics of solids , surfaces must be intrinsically less energetically favorable than the bulk of a material the molecules on the surface have more energy compared with the molecules in the bulk of the material , otherwise there would be a driving force for surfaces to be created, removing the bulk of the material see sublimation. The surface energy may therefore be defined as the excess energy at the surface of a material compared to the bulk, or it is the work required to build an area of a particular surface.

What is surface free energy?

The wettability of droplets on a low surface energy solid is evaluated experimentally and theoretically. Water-ethanol binary mixture drops of several volumes are used. In the experiment, the droplet radius, height, and contact angle are measured. Analytical equations are derived that incorporate the effect of gravity for the relationships between the droplet radius and height, radius and contact angle, and radius and liquid surface energy. All the analytical equations display good agreement with the experimental data. It is found that the fundamental wetting behavior of the droplet on the low surface energy solid can be predicted by our model which gives geometrical information of the droplet such as the contact angle, droplet radius, and height from physical values of liquid and solid.

The measurement of the surface energy of solids using a laboratory drop tower

Any surface, in order to decrease its surface energy, contracts. It is shown for the first time that this contraction is formally equivalent to the introduction of a continuous distribution of surface dislocations. Equilibrium is attained when the increase in strain energy associated with these surface dislocations just balances the corresponding decrease due to the reduction in free surface area. Numerical calculations have been carried out for finite solid and liquid bodies as well as for liquid droplets in contact with solids. These findings suggest that it is possible to reformulate the behaviour of liquids in terms of dislocation theory in a much more general way than has hitherto been done.

Any surface, in order to decrease its surface energy, contracts. It is shown for the first time that this contraction is formally equivalent to the introdu.

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Schramm, Laurier L. Saskatchewan Research Council, Saskatchewan, Canada. Last reviewed: June

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Surface free energy can be considered as the surface tension of a solid. Surface free energy, or SFE for short, arises from the molecular interactions at the air — solid interface. Surface free energy is important in many application areas.

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may also have an influence on the surface energy of molten alloy drops [4]. Preferred orientation. relationship between the interface layer of the solidified melt.