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Injury And Illness Prevention Program Pdf

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Injury and Illness Prevention Programs are universal interventions that can substantially reduce the number and severity of workplace injuries and alleviate the associated financial burdens on U.

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Business Ser vices D epartment. Version Hazard Assessment. Heat I n jury I lln ess P revention P lan. Reference information on Work er s ' C ompensation forms and District contact information.

Employee Training Record. The Mt. Program IIPP for all e mployees t o f ollow in o rder t o m aintain a safe an d h ealthy w ork e nvironment. Thi s. The current. San Jacinto, CA Menifee Vall ey Cam pus. Menifee, CA 4. Temecula, C A Temecula H igher E ducation C enter. San Gorgon io P ass C a. Policy , II. Responsibility , III. Compliance , V I. Assessment , V. Hazard Correction , V I I. Training , VI I I. Communication , I X. Recordkeeping , a nd X. Heat I njury I lln ess P revention Plan.

The goal of the IIPP is to eliminate or reduce. The IIPP provides g eneral guidelines o n equipment use, safe work practices and. While the environment of each workplace may vary, t hese basic guidelines s hould. It is intended that this policy always be a work in progress.

To that end , the IIPP will be r eviewed a nnually. Vice Pr esident of Bus iness Services. The ult imate responsibility fo r establishing an d m aintaining e ffective he alth and s afety policies s pecific to D istrict. Thereto, the g eneral policies, which. A dministrat ors and Deans. It is the r esponsibility of A dministrators and Deans to d evelop procedures which ensure effective.

Directors a nd S upervisors. Directors and S uper visors are responsible for enforcement of this Pr ogram among the employees u nder their. In a ddition , each. Director and Supervisor must confirm that safety responsibilities are clearly outlined in the job descriptions. Supervising others also carries the responsibility for knowing. Taking any reasonab le action necessary to prevent injuries where an immediate danger exist s.

Taking responsibility fo r the safety of all employees even those not under their s upervision but in the. Ensuring a clean and hazard - free work area. Providin g a safety orientation to new employees under their direc tion. Planning, conduc ting , and documenting safety evalu a tions in assigned areas of respon sibility. Conducting safety observations. It is critical that employees follow the guidelines as outlined in this document, attend training, and to adhere to.

Th e generi c responsibilities f or e mployees in clude:. R ead ing and abiding to all of t he requirements of the I IPP. Provide, plan and track specific training for employees. Adhering to all safety rules and operating procedur es established by the Distri ct. A ttend ing to all health a nd safety traini ngs pertaining to the college and to spe cific job duties. We ar ing appropriate personal protective equipment PPE as required and provided by the District.

Inspect ing and maintai. R epo r ting any safety hazards or defe c tive equipment immediately to an area supervisor. District S afety Committee. The responsibility o f th e District S afety C ommittee is t o p rovide a link o f communication be t ween em ployees. Th e District S afety C ommittee should meet monthly and th e agenda of t he m eeting will consist , in part , of. Business Servi c es Depa. The B usiness S ervices. Safety C ommittee. Distric t C ompliance.

MSJC i s c ommitted to p rovidin. The D istrict is a lso. The District maintains. Furthermore, the D istrict is. Employe e Complia nce. MSJC believes that employee compliance should b e encouraged at every opportun ity. By taking a. To that end,. Employees found to be out of compliance will be subject t o retraining and may receive disciplinary action.

MSJC u tilizes retraining for e mployees who do not follow D istrict p olicies, rules a nd p rocedures. In t he. Administrators, D eans, Directors a nd S upervisors may u tilize th e following : retraining , ve rbal. Administrators, D eans, Directors a nd S upervisors will also p rovide a variety o f f orms of positive reinforcement. A health and safety inspection p rogram is e ssential in order t o establish , monitor and enhance safe workplace.

It is t he r esponsibility o f the Vic e President o f B usiness Ser vices , working w ith t he Director of. Risk Management and Support Services , to. Scheduled Safety Inspections. Annual inspections wi ll be p erformed on a ll campus a reas. Semi -annual inspections will be performed of a ll.

An y w orkplace. All inspections will be documented. With prior supervisor approval,. Inspections will occur district-wide and cover any and all workplace areas. Unscheduled Safety Inspections. Additional safety inspections will be conducted whenever new equipment or changes in procedures are. The Facilities Department will. Safety reviews w ill be co nducted w h. A dministrators, De ans, Directors and S upervisors will investigate. Any c orrective act ion , including a ppropriate repairs or procedural changes, will be im plemented pr omptly to.

Additional ly, w orkers ' c ompensation f orms m ay n eed t o be completed. Any questions about the w orkers '. Appendix D for contact information and references. All hazards id entified will be pr omptly inv estigated a nd a lternate pr ocedures im plemented a s ind icated. District r ecognizes t hat hazards r ange from those o f r elatively lo w risk to im minent dangers.

Like wis e,. H azard c orrection i s t he responsibility of the Administrator or Vice President of Business. Services working in conjunction with t he R isk M anagement C oordinator.

Injury/Illness Prevention Plan

To help you get started, we have a downloadable guide to building an Injury and Illness Prevention Program IIPP that is designed to help you establish the following requirements for a safe workplace:. The Hazard Checklists are available to individually download at the following link. We do not make any warranty, express or implied, that your workplace is safe or healthful or that it complies with all laws, regulations, or standards. Home Contact us.

Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Skip to Main Content. Sign In. Risk Management Forms. Filing a Claim Against the County.

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Business Ser vices D epartment. Version Hazard Assessment. Heat I n jury I lln ess P revention P lan.

Learn what your department must do to meet IIPP requirements. Responsibility for maintaining a safe workplace has been delegated from the chancellor to department heads, managers, and supervisors. Toggle navigation.

What is an IIPP? It is simply a written workplace safety program. An effective IIPP improves the health and safety of your workplace and can reduce overall costs. It is also the law! It is important for both employees and management to be involved in the drafting of the IIPP.

Injury & Illness Prevention Program

To help make the IIPP more feasible to maintain, smaller departments have been grouped to form one unit, and some larger departments divided into multiple units. Everyone can help by responding to requests for information and participating in safety meetings.

Fillable InjuryIllnessPreventionProgram-IIPP-V 17-0 IIPP- Injury Illness Prevention Program

Jump to main content. The Irvine Unified School District is committed to the safety and health of all employees and recognizes the need to comply with regulations governing injury and accident prevention and employee safety. Contact About.

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Injury and Illness Prevention Program

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Injury & Illness Prevention Program

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Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Overview

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