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Show all documents Internal audit effectiveness: an Ethiopian public sector case study The case - study method is chosen because it enables the conduct of a detailed analysis using multiple sources of data Soy,

Gender and Tax Compliance: Firm Level Evidence from Ethiopia

The development of internal auditing in Ethiopia: the role of institutional norms Download full-text PDF. Download full-text PDF. Government auditing dates back to the establishment of an Audit Commission by proclamation No. Auditing in Ethiopia Development of Auditing In Ethiopia The process of auditing professionalization in Ethiopia appears to exhibit distinct Patterns during the three epochs when the state followed capitalist-oriented pre , 2 3 Communist through to , and then capitalist-oriented onwards ideologies. The development of internal auditing in Ethiopia: the role of institutional norms The development of internal auditing in Ethiopia: the role of institutional norms Dessalegn Getie Mihret; Joseph M.

The Modern VAT

The purpose of this study is to examine international financial reporting standards IFRSs adoption in Ethiopia to explain transnational political-economic antecedents of this change and its associated consequences on the regulatory landscape of accounting. Using a neo-Gramscian theory of globalization and the state, the study examines interview and document review evidence pertaining to IFRS adoption in Ethiopia by focusing on the period from to The study illustrates that a dialectical rather than deterministic interaction between global and national forces explains IFRS adoption in Ethiopia, i. IFRS adoption falls within the broader scheme of universalizing regulatory institutions in the globalizing world economy. Compared to the commonly understood trends of IFRS adoption circumscribed within a pre-existing regulatory framework, this study illustrates IFRS adoption as a primary driver of major reforms to the accounting regulatory landscape. This study contributes original theoretically grounded insights into the transnational political-economic rationale for IFRS adoption and consequences of the adoption on the accounting regulatory landscape. Wagaw, Y.

Auditing History in Ethiopia

The role of audit extends beyond verification. It is generally accepted that a tax audit is an examination to determine whether a taxpayer has correctly reported and assessed their tax obligations. A well managed audit program plays a major role in managing compliance. An effective audit program will have significantly wider impacts than just raising revenue directly from audit activities.

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An external audit is an independent examination of the financial statements prepared by the organisation. It is usually conducted for statutory purposes because the law requires it. An external audit can be conducted either as part of the annual review of accounts or as a special review by a donor agency.

The main objectives of government auditing are to express opinion on financial statements and related issues of legality, regularity and fraud as well as examining whether government institutions are operating economically, efficiently and effectively. To achieve these objectives every country establishes a supreme audit institution SAI whose independence is protected by law. The existence of independent SAI can enable informed policy analysis, confident and credible decision making in the process of national economic management.

Audit quality will always be essential. It should also anticipate the changes of an evolving, growing business and adapt continuously. A Deloitte audit does this—by using advanced technology, design thinking, and multi-disciplinary teams that include data and analytics specialists. In fact, audit is an even more valuable enabler of our vibrant capital markets.

Advancing Audit Quality with Smarter Audits

External Audit. The external audit is referring to the audit firms that offer certain auditing services … Internal Audit. Internal Auditing is an independence and objectivity consulting service that is … Forensic Audit. The forensic audit is normally performed by a forensic accountant who has the skill … Statutory Audit.

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IFRS adoption and accounting regulation in Ethiopia

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In Ethiopia, taxes are considered as a source for growth and development. The tax revenues audit is a critical issue to the government of Ethiopia. Tax revenues​.

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Audit is often the weakest component of VAT administration.