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Metrics details. Drug-resistant Plasmodium is a frequent global threat in malaria eradication programmes, highlighting the need for new anti-malarial drugs and efficient detection of treatment failure.

High-Throughput Flow Cytometry in Drug Discovery

Functional ex vivo assays that predict a patient's clinical response to anticancer drugs for guiding cancer treatment have long been a goal, but few have yet proved to be reliable. To address this, we have developed an automated flow cytometry platform for drug screening that evaluates multiple endpoints with a robust data analysis system that can capture the complex mechanisms of action across different compounds. This system, called PharmaFlow, is used to test peripheral blood or bone marrow samples from patients diagnosed with hematological malignancies. Functional assays that use the whole sample, retaining all the microenvironmental components contained in the sample, offer an approach to ex vivo testing that may give results that are clinically relevant. This new approach can help to predict the patients' response to existing treatments or to drugs under development, for hematological malignancies or other tumors.

This increasingly important technique can be applied to all stages of drug development in a range of applications, including cell-line identification, immunophenotyping, and cell-based potency assays. In a regulatory environment, such flexibility can present challenges. Hall explained how scientists can approach FC method development and validation amid rigorous analytical requirements. Flow Cytometry Technology FC provides comprehensive data by analyzing multiple parameters in fluorescently labeled suspensions of cells or particles. The cytometer channels the suspension into a stream of single particles that passes through a flow cell.

Flow Cytometry Standards Consortium

Learn about assays and techniques for detecting and monitoring cell health and function by flow cytometry. Topics include apoptosis, cell counting, proliferation and viability as well as cell cycle, endocytosis, oxidative stress and more. This scientific poster features the methods employed to detect hypoxia in living cells using flow cytometry by a novel fluorogenic hypoxia reagent. This application note describes the use of the Invitrogen Attune NxT Flow Cytometer with Autosampler to evaluate the effectiveness of several cancer drugs to induce apoptosis in a dose-dependent manner in Jurkat cells. Crear una cuenta Crear una cuenta. Search Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Therapeutic antibodies have recently emerged as one of the most successful immunotherapy strategies for the treatment of both hematologic cancers and solid tumors. To mount a successful monoclonal antibody mAb -based discovery and development program for cancer, whether developing therapeutic antibodies or antibody drug conjugates, you need technologies that allow rapid identification and characterization of candidate molecules to identify those with superior target reactivity and optimized functionality. Sartorius offers information-rich solutions for development of antibody therapeutics that enable tracking of complex biological processes at unprecedented speed, depth, and scale.

Flow Cytometry Applications in Pharmacodynamics and Drug Delivery

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Flow Cytometry Assays Information

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The Flow Cytometry Core offers access to several analytical flow cytometers as well as high-speed cell sorting.