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Service Quality And Customer Satisfaction In Airline Industry Pdf

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Airline customer satisfaction and loyalty: impact of in-flight service quality

The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of the in-flight service quality on airline customer satisfaction and loyalty. This study analyzed the data from passengers of two classes: prestige business and economy. The results suggest that there are different factors of in-flight service quality that are important according to the customer seat class. In the case of the prestige class, there were six service quality factors of importance: alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage, responsiveness and empathy, reliability, assurance, presentation style of food, and food quality; while the economy class showed five important service quality factors: responsiveness and empathy, food quality, alcoholic beverage, non-alcoholic beverage, and reliability. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

Airline customer satisfaction and loyalty: impact of in-flight service quality

The purpose of this paper is to examine consumer perceptions of airline quality indicators and compare them to actual data reported by the Department of Transportation, in the USA and the Association of European Airlines AEA in the EU. The objective is to determine whether there is a discrepancy between reported performance metrics of service quality and consumer perception. This paper compares actual reported data on service quality with results of an exploratory questionnaire on the perceived frequency of service failures in three key areas of airline service quality; on time flight arrivals, baggage reports and flight cancellations. Preliminary findings indicate that actual consumer perceptions of airline performance on key areas of airline service quality are in fact far worse than the data reported in the US Air Travel Consumer Report or AEA Consumer Report. Consumer perceptions fail to come close to many of the service standards the industry is actually reaching. The only exception to this can be seen in the EU where the perceived and actual scores are virtually the same for on time arrivals.

PDF | In service industry, service quality and price have an important role in influencing customer satisfaction. This paper serves to add the.

Customer Satisfaction in the Airline Industry: The Role of Service Quality and Price

Copyrights for articles published in World Scholars journals are retained by the authors, with first publication rights granted to the journal. It is the author's responsibility to bring an infringement action if so desired by the author. A critical review of the literature revealed that the airline industry has been struggling with many challenges: cutting costs, managing fluctuating demand, keeping up with tight quality requirements while trying to maintain superior services and satisfy the needs of various customer groups.

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Items in DSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Show full item record Recommend this item. An investigation into the impact of service quality frequent flier programs and safety perception on satisfaction and customer loyalty in the airline industry in Southern Africa.

Customer Satisfaction in the Airline Industry: The Role of Service Quality and Price

Customer Satisfaction in the Airline Industry: The Role of Service Quality and Price

Show full item record Statistics. The relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction of airline passengers : an empirical study on Air Malta plc. Frendo, Yanica. Frendo, Y.

The sampling size is which was chosen by the Rule of Thump criteria. The respondent was selected via convenience sampling method. In other words, if the level of perceived service quality is higher, satisfaction and loyalty tend to have a higher level. In addition, this research also provides guideline for improving service quality in order to gain the higher level of satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore, executive of LCCs who interested in strategic planning which focus on customer satisfaction may use the developed model of this research as a guideline for generating customer satisfaction and customer loyalty respectively.

This research aims to determine the relationship between the quality of airline service attributes and overall satisfaction. Although a number of relevant studies have reported a linear relationship or symmetric effect between the two concepts, this work suggests that attribute quality exerts heterogeneous effects on satisfaction or dissatisfaction. A total of , consumer data from online reviews have been analyzed to achieve the research objective. Other airline service attributes, such as customer service and check-in and boarding, influence the deviations of negative ratings as a dissatisfier. Apart from airline attributes, the individual features and types of airline products have been estimated to improve the understanding of such relationships.

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Airline customer satisfaction and loyalty: impact of in-flight service quality


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