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Character education, the process that facilitates the development of moral understanding, is necessary for all children to mature completely. It covers the growth of core ethical values such as responsibility, integrity, respect, honesty, fairness, cooperation, and citizenship.

Such educational processes are not always straightforward, and a successful development also relies on actions and feelings learned and modeled in a household and school environment. We teach them, mentor them, and nurture them to hopefully become high-flyers in all their academic and professional endeavors. Many teachers recognize the need to instill such crucial traits but may not know where to begin.

Children benefit from building strong character traits, but it rarely happens by itself. Such practices have the additional benefits of building confidence, enhancing self-control, increasing motivation and persistence, and strengthening resilience and coping skills. To successfully teach character education, teachers must equip themselves with sufficient knowledge, skills, and teaching tactics. There is a lot more to the process than lecturing a classroom about what to do or not do.

By the same token, since all students are unique individuals with diverse backgrounds, they develop at different paces and possess certain traits and values before receiving any modeled instruction. These factors make character development a long journey, and it is essential to approach the process with many variables taken into account. The work is worth it. Character education, done right, supports children to form a sound basis for their future lives, and it improves the school experience as a whole.

Youth with a solid sense of character are better able to deal with problems, overcome challenges, and realize their full potential and self-worth. To teach effectively, educators should use a wide variety of approaches, lessons, and activities intermingled with the regular classroom curriculum, regardless of the subject matter. When it comes to character development, teachers may not know how or where to start. Benefits of the course include:. Everything teachers do influences the character development of the children they teach, so all teachers can benefit from learning the fundamentals of character education.

The curriculum is detailed yet straightforward and readily applicable to all K teachers. By the end, you will have a wide range of available tools to put into use in your classrooms instantly! Effective Character Education , offered through Professional Development Courses at the University of La Verne, begins with discussions of scientific literature about children's moral development.

The course then dives into ways teachers can develop ethical understanding in students by integrating character education into the curriculum. It covers the importance of positive school climates and adult modeling, and the course offers suggestions for outreach to parents and local communities for engaging children with responsibility, respect, and hard work.

Our curriculum is specially designed for busy K teachers who want the flexibility and convenience of a distance learning course that is rigorous enough to count for graduate-level credit from an accredited university.

The content is self-paced, easy to understand, practical, and can be completed in either an online or via emailed PDF format. Other popular course options for this certificate include:. Since requirements may vary, students should check with their school district or state department of education before enrolling in a course. It is open for anyone to register at any time during an open semester.

After completion, students receive graduate, non-degree semester credit on official transcripts from the University of La Verne , an accredited university in La Verne, California. Courses are offered on a rolling basis during three standard semesters, and you can begin whenever you are ready! The registration dates are:. Students who have a fully-developed character are better positioned to become happier, more self-confident individuals. Those who never sufficiently develop that sense of character may face significant personal challenges in every aspect of their lives.

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Character Education

Parents want nothing more than for their children to grow up into well-mannered individuals and give the proper respect to other people. Which is why character education is an important part in their studies, because success in life does not always rely on academics. It is true that the main reason that you enroll your children to a school is to learn about academic subjects like math, history, science, and so on, but these are not the only things that children need to learn if they ever want to become successful in the real world. Character education gives them the necessary tools that they will be using more often than those that they learn from the other subjects. Character education is a teaching method which fosters the development of ethical and responsible individuals by teaching them about the good values that people should have.

Similarly, an exploration of various trends in character and integrity education has been made. importance of character education and integrity so as to open Pdf. “The Seven Blunders That Lead to Violence” (). Retrieved on. June.

Character Education

VDOE and the Professor Garfield Foundation collaborate to create resources for teachers and parents to support character education and instruction in the appropriate and safe use of technology. Join Garfield and his friends at the Infinite Learning Lab for lessons and activities about tolerance, self esteem, peer pressure, cyberbullying, online safety and related topics. More about Technology in Education. The Character Education Partnership CEP , a nonprofit, nonpartisan and nonsectarian organization that supports and promotes social, emotional and ethical development in youth defines character education as "the deliberate effort by schools, families, and communities to help young people understand, care about, and act upon core ethical values.

Download as a PDF. Character education is defined as the direct attempt to foster the skills, attitudes, motives, and beliefs that lead to ethical reasoning and behavior. The Framework seeks to define some of the key categories of virtues that can be promoted through school-based programs, out-of-school programs, and family activities. The Framework recognizes that how these virtues are best taught is likely to vary by age, the unique needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds, implementation context, and program goals.

The preceding five chapters have dealt with the proper place of religion in particular courses. Moral education, however, is generally understood to cut across the curriculum and is appropriately integrated into all courses as well as into the extra curricular activities and ethos of schools. So our focus shifts somewhat in this last chapter. Of course, good people can make bad judgments; it's often not easy to know what is morally right.

Character education, the process that facilitates the development of moral understanding, is necessary for all children to mature completely.

Elkind and Freddy Sweet Ph. Simply put, character education CE is everything you do that influences the character of the kids you teach. But to put it in a more focused light, we like Dr. It tells us that we need to engage our kids in activities that make them think critically about moral and ethical questions, inspire them to become committed to moral and ethical actions, and give them ample opportunities to practice moral and ethical behavior.

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Chapter 9. Moral Education

Only a handful of educational theorists hold the view that if only the adult world would get out of the way, children would ripen into fully realized people. Most thinkers, educational practitioners, and parents acknowledge that children are born helpless and need the care and guidance of adults into their teens and often beyond. More specifically, children need to learn how to live harmoniously in society. Historically, the mission of schools has been to develop in the young both the intellectual and the moral virtues. Concern for the moral virtues, such as honesty, responsibility, and respect for others, is the domain of moral education.

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Character Education Framework

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Character Education Units and Lessons

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It is the intentional, proactive effort by schools, districts and states to instil in their students important core ethical values such as caring, honesty, fairness.

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CHARACTER EDUCATION. "Integrity" Grades DEFINITION: Integrity is defined as being strong enough to do what you know is right. Integrity is also.