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Switching to a HEV can provide the consumer with a multitude of benefits and advantages. The most useful benefit, however, is simple: hybrids are more economical. This is true for a number of reasons.

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Hybrid vehicle

An investment is being made not only in alternative fuels, but the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles, fleets, and technologies. Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant projects promote and build markets for advanced, renewable and alternative energy transportation technologies. The intent is to provide a stimulus for opportunities that better manage Pennsylvania's fuel resources in a way that also improves the environment, supports economic development and enhances the quality of life.

More are under development. Applications submitted to the AFIG Program are being evaluated and awards will be announced at a later date. The program is anticipated to reopen in spring of The primary goals of the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant AFIG Program are to improve Pennsylvania's air quality and reduce consumption of imported oil through the use of homegrown alternative fuels that will help the Commonwealth's economy and environment.

Through the program, DEP solicits applications for innovative, advanced fuel and vehicle technology projects resulting in cleaner advanced alternative transportation within the Commonwealth.

Project selections have been approved and awards will be announced shortly. The FAST Act was created to provide long-term certainty for surface transportation infrastructure planning and investment in the United States. AFTA is not a grant program, but a program through which a qualified, a professional consulting firm is assigned by DEP to work directly with eligible organizations for the purpose of developing technically viable and economically sustainable alternative fueling strategies.

Alternative fuels considered under this program may include natural gas, electric, propane, hydrogen, hythane, ethanol, methanol, and other advanced biofuels. Organizations eligible to apply include political subdivisions, nonprofit entities, municipal authorities, and school districts in PA. An eligible entity can apply alone, or it can team up with other eligible project partners for a multi-organization project that can enhance the energy, economic, and environmental benefits of alternative fuels.

The AFTA program is not currently accepting applications for technical assistance. However, eligible organizations that are interested in analyzing their fleets for potential use of alternative fuels may find useful and relevant information in some of the recently completed AFTA reports. Please click on any of the reports below to see the results and recommendations that our AFTA contractors provided to municipalities, authorities and school districts during the first two rounds of AFTA.

Alternative Fuels Data Center Major source of information on AFVs including lists of vehicles available from manufacturers, national refueling information, emission reduction demonstration studies.

Fuel Economy Site The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have jointly developed a new website that allows consumers easy access to fuel economy data online over the Internet. Use this calculator to compare alternative fuel vehicles with their gasoline-only counterparts. For project inquiries, please contact: Josh Dziubek Protect clean air, clean water, and public health and conserve working farms, forests, and natural lands.

You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. An Official Pennsylvania Government Website. Department of Environmental Protection. Grants Office News. Grants Application System. Page Content. About the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant The primary goals of the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant AFIG Program are to improve Pennsylvania's air quality and reduce consumption of imported oil through the use of homegrown alternative fuels that will help the Commonwealth's economy and environment.

Incremental cost expenses to purchase bi-fuel, dual-fuel, hybrid or dedicated vehicles. The cost to purchase and install the necessary fleet refueling or home-refueling equipment for bi-fuel, dual-fuel, hybrid or dedicated vehicles. The cost to perform research, training, development, and demonstration of new applications or next-phase technology related to alternative fuel vehicles. Vehicle retrofits and conversions are only eligible for new vehicles.

Extra consideration will be given to natural gas vehicle projects involving RNG. Alternative Fuel Vehicles. Alternative Fuel Refueling Sites. Natural Gas Vehicle Program. Government that Works Protect clean air, clean water, and public health and conserve working farms, forests, and natural lands.

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An alternative fuel vehicle is a motor vehicle that runs on alternative fuel , an energy other than traditional petroleum fuels petrol or Diesel fuel ; and also refers to any technology of powering an engine that does not involve solely petroleum e. Because of a combination of factors, such as environmental concerns, high oil prices and the potential for peak oil , development of cleaner alternative fuels and advanced power systems for vehicles has become a high priority for many governments and vehicle manufacturers around the world. An environmental analysis extends beyond just the operating efficiency and emissions, especially if a technology should be widely used. A life-cycle assessment of a vehicle involves production and post-use considerations. A cradle-to-cradle design is more important than a focus on a single factor such as the type of fuel. As of [update] , there were more than 1.

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Skip to main content. There are many fuels today being used as "alternatives" to gasoline. In most instances, the alternative fuel is less polluting than gasoline, resulting in fewer harmful emissions into the air and a lower negative impact on human health.

Understanding Household Preferences For Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Technologies

A hybrid vehicle is one that uses two or more distinct types of power, such as submarines that use diesel when surfaced and batteries when submerged. Other means to store energy include pressurized fluid in hydraulic hybrids.

Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles, 4th Edition

Due to the pandemic, our offices are closed to the public. Beginning Aug. The Department of Licensing maintains a list of qualifying vehicles. The exemption is applied to the sales price or fair market value when you purchase or lease a passenger car, light duty truck, or medium duty passenger vehicle that is powered exclusively by a clean alternative fuel or capable of traveling at least 30 miles using only battery power. Manufacturer and distributor rebates are part of the selling price.

We conducted a nationwide, Internet-based survey to assess consumer preferences for AFVs. Our findings indicate that, in general, gasoline-fueled vehicles are still preferred over AFVs, however there is a strong interest in AFVs. Using a panel rank-ordered mixed logit model, we assessed the trade-offs people make between key AFV characteristics.

Most vehicles run on fossil fuels, and this presents a major emissions problem as demand for fuel continues to increase. Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicle Technologies gives an overview of key developments in advanced fuels and vehicle technologies to improve the energy efficiency and environmental impact of the automotive sector. Part I considers the role of alternative fuels such as electricity, alcohol, and hydrogen fuel cells, as well as advanced additives and oils, in environmentally sustainable transport. Part II explores methods of revising engine and vehicle design to improve environmental performance and fuel economy. It contains chapters on improvements in design, aerodynamics, combustion, and transmission. Finally, Part III outlines developments in electric and hybrid vehicle technologies, and provides an overview of the benefits and limitations of these vehicles in terms of their environmental impact, safety, cost, and design practicalities.

Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles, 4th Edition

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Skip to content. This is one of a series of fact sheets designed to help rural municipalities reduce fuel usage in their town fleets. Alternative fuel is a label applied to all vehicular fuels other than gasoline or diesel. This fact sheet focuses on biodiesel, ethanol, propane, natural gas, and hydrogen, due to their potential to power vehicles of all size classes, including heavy-duty machinery. Alternative fuel station infrastructure is not well-established in many rural parts of Massachusetts, and few state incentives exist for liquid alternative fuel vehicles, retrofits or fueling infrastructure. For municipalities located away from existing infrastructure, and not committed to installing their own alternative fueling stations, hybrid and electric vehicles may be a more attainable alternative to conventionally-fueled vehicles.

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Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program (AFIG)

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Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles, 4th Edition

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An investment is being made not only in alternative fuels, but the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles, fleets, and technologies.

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It was found that people are interested to have fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicles. This was proven to be a financial matter of the customers. Governments​.